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Links to other sites
Steve Hull is THE authority on the history of British
pen companies, and has now published four books
on the subject, all of which are eagerly sought after
and prized by enthusiasts and collectors.
His latest volume - THE ONOTO PEN - is now available,
and you can buy your copy from his new website.
It's a great read, so don't miss it !

.Bill's Fountain Pen Links
a site that is deservedly popular and will point you towards some good pen buying

Brian Toynton has a long-standing and well deserved reputation as a
distinguished and discerning collector of high quality pens.
Here, on his new website, you can find a selection of these for sale,
and if you are looking to sell your collection, then please contact Brian,
he might well be interested.

Battersea Pen Home
THE place for quality pens - have a look and see.
Everything you could want - both vintage and modern.

The Pen Practice
A site specialising in technical information on pens and their restoration/repair -
particularly for pens with piston and vacuum filling mechanisms.
Repair tools are for sale and also a selection of serviced pens

The Pen Museum
- where you will find comprehensive lists of spare parts
for many different makes of fountain pens
plus several pens/pencils for sale

Jim's Fountain Pen Site
- and what a site this is!
Virtually a complete education and a delight for anyone
interested in every aspect of pen/pencil collecting.
There's also a chance to see some regular viewings of Jim's own personal collection - wow!

The Penultimate Pen and Pencil collection
Like ourselves, David Wells is a Conway Stewart enthusiast,
and here you can not only buy Conways,
but also see pictures of every one he has in his personal collection.
There's also handy hints as to how to convert a coffee table into a striking pen-display case.

Simon Neil
Simon created his own website, mainly featuring vintage Conway Stewart pens.
Take a look, and you'll see pictures of various models, together with (when we last looked)
a very desirable 58 cracked-ice set for sale. There aren't many of those around !


PO Box 1199, Cheddar, BS27 3YF, United Kingdom