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(Updated 1th May, 2021)

(All items in full working order, unless otherwise stated)

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We don't have a Sheaffer page, which is
one of the reasons they appear here.
And it's also rare for us to offer a PFM 5
together with matching ballpoint pen
(click on the images below for larger pictures)
PFM set
This is the Australian model as noted on the nib -
see HERE and HERE
and is in a later box.
PFM set (i)

The caps are in really nice condition, and both
the penand ballpen are ready to be used.



And here's something which is rare
and appears both here, and also on the

Other English pens

(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Onoto6233 (detail)
ONOTO 6233 pens do appear for sale,
but hardly ever in this semi-transparent
c.1936 Green Pearl version
Onoto 6233
In superb condition, with the plunger
button marked 6233 BO (see HERE)
and with its original MEDIUM semi-flex nib

(clik HERE and HERE for pictures)

Onoto 6233(i)
You'll be hard put to it to find another of these
in such great condition



Something rare and new for Writetime -
this is the very first time we have ever offered a
Montblanc pen for sale !
(click on the images below for larger pictures)

A No.146 LeGrand
Brand new, in it's box, with fully stamped guarantee.
Montblanc 146
Serial number MBHC5DGT0 - and with the
distinctive PIX marking on the cap-band

(click HERE to see a picture of it)

with original two-tone MEDIUM nib
Click HERE and HERE for pictures of the nib




A Sheaffer SNORKEL
(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Sheaffer Black Snorkel
From the mid 1950's a
in full working order.
In superb cosmetic condition, with its
original MEDIUM 14K No.5 nib
which has some slight flexibility
(click HERE and HERE for pictures of the nib & snorkel)
Sheaffer Black Snorkel (i)



If you are looking for something slightly unusual,
please visit our new CROSS page
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for an interesting selection of 1980's/1990's models

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