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(Updated 6th February, 2018)

(All items in full working order, unless otherwise stated)

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A pretty mid-sized and near-mint pen from SALZ brothers
(click on the images below for larger pictures)

Salz pen
Manufactured in New York around 1930 (or before)
this pen (10.5 cm long with cap screwed on - 13.5 cm
with cap posted)
has some vertical chasing, and 2 decorative
gold-plated bands around the barrel
salz pen (i)
In wonderful condition and in full working order -
click HERE for a picture of the nib
and HERE for a close-up of the filler-lever


Well, this is rare, and certainly a first for us !
A 1930's/40's INK-O-GRAPH stylo -
the largest of their models, and
(so we're told) the hardest to find

(click on the images below for larger pictures)

In handsome deep Gold and Black marble,
this pen is in full working order
go on, impress your friends, and write with something different !
Inkograph (i)
The Inkograph Pen Company was situated at 200 Hudson Street, in New York city,
and this pen has the initials NYC stamped on the clip

Click HERE for a picture of the stylus needle
(You can also see a similar pen at https://www.vintagepens.com/morepics.php?id=12484&pics=5)



Oh là là !
A memento of 1930's/1940's Paris

(click on the images, and the word nib, below for larger pictures)
Gold Starry(ii)
A rare and boxed GOLD STARRY Dinkie-size
matching pen and pencil
Gold Starry set (i)
In a most attractive and rare Gold Starry box - one for the collector
Gold Starry set
Both items have the attractive Gold Star image on the top
Gold Starry set (iii)

please click on the word NIB to see an image


Unusual, RARE, and a real find !
an eydropper with mother-of -pearl overlay in
the bulbous 'pregnant style' fashion
(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Mother of Pearl
Manufacturer unknown, this dates from the early 1900's
in the USA and the overlay is framed by two
snail-patterned bands.
mother of pearl(i)
complete with what we think is the original 14K warranted
No. 3 FINE nib, with some flexibility

Mother of Pearl (ii)
There are 2 series of circles around the section, which may help someone
who reads this assist us in identifying the manufacturer


From the golden-age of USA pen manufacture.
Pretty, rare, and in an original Carter's box !

(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Carter's Jade set
A virtually mint 'lady-size' unmarked Jade
pen and pencil set.

Carter's Jade set ii
A rare find, and one not to be missed.
Carter's Jade set (iii)
Pen has its original FINE Carter INX nib


Small is beautiful, and this little rarity is no exception !
A STANDARD Safety pen
with lined and patterned rolled gold overlay


Probably and Italian or French overlay,
manufactured c.1925 for a USA distributor or retailer

complete with original STANDARD 14K No.1 nib,
but there is now no iridium left on the point.



We don't have a SHEAFFER page,
so here is the large and handsome c.1929
LIFETIME (White Dot) pen in Green Radite
(click on the images below for larger pictures)
Sheaffer's, Senior Lifetime
Some slight dsicoloration between barrel and cap,
but still a desirable and large pen

Sheaffer's Lifetime Senior (I)
complete with its original large FINE Lifetime nib
Sheaffer's Lifetime nib



If you are looking for something slightly unusual,
please visit our new CROSS page
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for an interesting selection of 1980's/1990's models

Cross selection

A rare SHEAFFER set from the late 1950's -
among the very first of the cartridge-filling pens !

This is the Lady Sheaffer SKRIPSERT -
in Black and Gold Tulle
complete with original MEDIUM nib


Box may not be the original



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